Worst meal ever

As my meal arrives the first thing I notice is the paper plate it is on. This paper plate has nothing left to it. It’s as if this paper plate has been used more than once. An ooze is leaking through the plate and making a puddle on the table. Staring at this object of a meal, it fills the air with a smell of sulphur and broken childhood dreams. I get a small nose bleed at the time. When my nosebleed clears up after stepping away from the table, I decide to give this meal a try. The look of it is grey, no specific colour. It’s as if someone could take the colour out of something. As I take my first bite, I instantly get a taste of a mix of engine coolant, and disappointment. If you could imagine biting into a delicious Christmas orange, eating it piece by piece. Then you bite into a seed in a part of that orange, your mouth fills with a crunchy bitter taste that you did not expect. That’s how the first bite tastes. The texture is a slimey feeling, with curds of grey matter. I decided to not take a second bite. 


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