Authors note

My bucket list doesn’t really have an order to it. I couldn’t really put it in a category of what really the theme of it is. Yet when reading through it I see two major parts to it. Travel, and partying. Two best things on this planet eh?? Anyways. I actually see a lot of myself coming out in this list. Everyone’s list is going to e unique to them. What I’m saying is that I think I’ve learned a bit about myself. What’s really important in life. That makes me stand out as a person that wants to e free in my opinion. To have fun. Already having 4 things crossed off is just the start. I helped actually two people cross something off their list. (It helped that it was the same thing). But they wanted to go do some 4 wheeling in a lifted truck! What did we do? Get a lifted truck, and took it through some mud! It was a great afternoon. 


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