Now what? 

The next item crossed off the list next will be graduating highschool. I am really looking forward to that. I don’t really have a plan for the many other things on my list, but I want to spread them out by quite a bit. I want to get all of the travelling done far down the road. The partying stuff can happen any time now! Hahah. If I were to pick a thing on the list that’s next other than graduation, it would have to be coming home this summer. I am leaving 9 days from today for shilo. I will be there my whole summer, and even miss grad for it. Completing the course I am taking will mean a lot. 


5 thoughts on “Now what? 

  1. It’s sad that you have to leave before grad and not being able to experience it, usually some people would be to lazy to come back to school after leaving before graduation. I liked the way your poster is simple but neon so it opened up my eyes, and how you used the same idea from TBL and crossed out your items but you can still read them.


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